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    Our services include cloud solutions and DevOps services. We offer best cloud-based solution at competitive price. Our server consolidation professionals will help you to build the perfect IT infrastructure for your business

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    Support Services

    DevOps Implementation Services

    •  Configure/automate your infrastructure with Ansible

    • Configure your development, testing and production environments

    • Configure docker container on servers

    • Setup/configure/maintenance Azure DevOps services

    DevOps Containerization Services

    • Containerize deployment using terraform and ansible

    • Containerize your application with docker

    • Deploy docker container on servers 

    • Containerize application using Docker 

    • Container-orchestration with Kubernetes and Docker Swarm

    • Write Bash/python scripts to automate your tasks 

    DevOps CI/CD Services

    • Setup CI/CD pipelines for your DevOps environment. (Gitlab,Jenkins etc)

    • CI/CD implementation on Azure DevOps

    • Automate your integration and deployment(CI/CD) with Jankins/Bitbucket Pipeline 

     DevOps Service
    • Consultation for DevOps and System Design

    • Configure Ingress, SSL and Load Balancers

    • Setup Configuration Management tools (Ansible, Terraform)

    • Configure VM/VMSS/Load balancer

    • Web Automation with Selenium

    • AWS/Azure Account setup

    • Build & scale & optimize Cloud-Native app

    • Support with Packer

    • Manage your source code repositories 

    AWS based solutions 
    • AWS Database Migration Service

    • Create an EC2 instance

    • Auto Scalling EC2

    • Create/setup/configure/delete AWS cloudfront

    • AWS serverless applications 

    • Create AWS lambda functions

    • Intergrate lambda functions to AWS services

    • Deploy AWS Lambda functions using cloud formation

    DevOps Deployment
    • Setup/configure/maintenance AWS DevOps services

    • Setup/configure/maintenance Azure DevOps services

    • Create a Kubernetes cluster on GCP/AWS

    • Deploy a Kubernetes cluster on GCP/AWS

    • Deploy AWS Cloud formation

    • Deploy application to Kubernetes

    • Set up Kubernetes clusters

    AWS DevOps

    AWS DevOps - What is DevOps?

    DevOps is a set of practices that connects software development, software testing, software deployment and IT operations to work together. 

    DevOps is designed to shorten the software or system development life cycle, and provide high quality software to customers by using a set of tools, such as continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) tools.

    AWS DevOps implements the DevOps philosophy through AWS cloud platform and AWS services/products. AWS DevOps aims to deliver products more rapidly and reliable by using ASW services/products and DevOps practices.

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    Benefits of AWS DevOps

    DevOps practices and principles improves software quality & software performance, reduce the production cost, and secure application source code; and it makes easier for DevOps engineers to automatically build, test, and deploy the application to on-premises environments or to AWS.

    With AWS DevOps, you can provide and manage IT infrastructure in an effective way, deploy application in a more convenient way, automate software release process better, and monitor the application and infrastructure performance more efficiently.

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    Azure DevOps

    What is Azure DevOps? 

    Azure DevOps is a methodology that provides a robust platform for developers, project manager, testers and other support teams to collaborate closely and effectively complete software development in a well-organized manner. It integrates teams, tools, services, processes and technologies to fasten software development lifecycle, therefore deliver valuable software to end users.

    Aim of using Azure DevOps methodology is to automate the entire software development life cycle (SDLC).

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    Benefits of Azure DevOps

    The Azure DevOps optimized software development by using Azure DevOps services and tools. Azure DevOps allows you to deploy any solutions in a pipeline which accept continuous integration and continuous deployment.
    Azure DevOps simplifies and speeds up software development and delivery process, with Azure DevOps, you can easily integrate Azure services like Azure VM, Azure App Services,  SQL databases and other third-party tools like Jenkins.

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    What is the difference between Azure DevOps and AWS DevOps

    Azure DevOps and AWS DevOps

    Azure DevOps

    Microsoft Azure  is a collection of various cloud computing services, including remotely hosted and managed versions of proprietary Microsoft technologies, and open technologies.


    • Begin as a platform as a service (PaaS);

    • Deploy Azure DevOps server;

    • Convenient for developers to build applications.

    Service Integration

    • Allows users to integrate Azure services like Azure VM, Azure App Services, and SQL databases;

    • With huge eco-system for third party editions;

    • Integrate with third-party tools like Jenkins.

    Software Package Management

    • A package manager tool called Azure Artifacts is used.

    AWS DevOps

    AWS (Amazon Web Services)
    Provides on-demand cloud computing platforms to individuals, companies, and governments, on a paid subscription basis.


    • Scaling from the infrastructure as the beginning;

    • Benefit for IT operators to use and support their compute and storage requirements on-demand.

    Service Integration

    • Allows users to integrate AWS services like EC2, S3, and Beanstalk just a few clicks.

    Software Package Management

    • An external software or a third party software is Integrated.

    Azure DevOps Services & Tools

    • Azure Services (Azure App Services, Azure VM, SQL Databases)

    • DevOps Tools (Ansible, Jenkins, Chef, Puppet, etc)


    AWS DevOps Services & Tools

    • AWS Services (EC2, Elastic Beanstalk, etc);

    • DevOps Tools (Ansible, Jenkins, Chef, Puppet, etc)