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    We offer business card design, business logo design, letterhead design, envelope design, envelope cover design, Stationery design, etc.

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    What is logo design process?

    Steps to create a logo:
    • Understand your products. To create a great logo first you need to understand your products. What are they used for?
    • Analyse your audience. To determine what kind of audience your product would appeal to;
    • Evaluate the Brand. Your logo should express your brand's values and company philosophy;
    • Sketch a variety of logo concepts for further comparison;
    • Pick the Right Font and suitable color for products. 
    • Select one handy logo design tool;
    • Get customer's approval for your design;
    • Digitize the sketched logo in different types of logos design;
    • Keep your logo design simple and impressive for people.

              What are the different types of logo design?

              1) Word mark logo---It is a font-based logo, and It works well for a company with a succinct and distinct name.
              2) Letter form logo---It is a single letter of your brand's initials word or first letter.
              3) Emblem logo--- It consists of font inside a symbol or an icon; think badges, seals and crests. It symbolizes a brand's personality.
              4) Pictorial mark logo--is an icon or graphic-based logo, It represents a specific product, or brand.
              5) Abstract mark logo---An abstract mark is an abstract geometric form.
              What we offer

              Infographics Design 

              • Infographic resume design

              • Data visualization design

              • Process infographic design

              • Statistical infographics design

              • Infographics on product design

              • Infographic flowchart design

              Presentation Design

              • Resume design

              • Informative graphic design

              • Book cover design

              • SWOT analysis PPT design

              • Webinar presentation design

              • Web graphic design

              • Presentation folder design

              Digital Design

              • Professional PPT design

              • Social Media design

              • Web & mobile design

              • Poster design

              • Investor Pitch deck design

              • Startup pitch deck design