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Data Science

Data Analysis & Machine Learning tasks.

Data Automation

Data Automation and Visualization.

Machine Learning

It includes Machine Learning using Python.


Continuous Integration & Deployment Pipeline.

Hire a DevOps Engineer

 We have a Team of AWS Certified Devops Engineers at your service. They are experienced in maintaining and delivering AWS based solutions.

They are also good in other Amazon Web Services, Source Code Management, Bash scripting, Jenkins, Dockerization, Container Orchestration, Confguration Management, Continuous Monitoring, Continuous Testing and Security Management.

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Software Testing

Manual and Automation Testing can avoid human generated errors and bring more accurate results. It can further helps to find errors, gaps, or missing requirements compare to actual requirements.


Online Trainings

We offer a learning platform to develop you into skilled workers. Whether its your first step into an IT career, a career changer, or a graduate, there is a customized program to suit your needs.

- Lead by Industry Experts
- Learn the skills hot in the market.

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OUR JOURNEY a short story of Ababeel businesses.



Journey continues in Technology Consulting, Training and IT Solutions & Services.


With a team of developers and designers, moved into technology delivery service.


Extended to career Consulting and started Technology training services.


Delivered lectures in universities on emerging technology career paths.


Stepped into career Consulting and started Technology training services.

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云计算 (Cloud Computing)是通过互联网为用户提供的一种按需计算服务,云计算的付费模式是按使用量付费(PAYU: Pay-As-You-Use)。云计算是指在云计算环境中创建数据中心或部署云基础设施,是一种经济高效的IT解决方案。


根据分类的不同,云计算的类型可分为两大类:一类是云计算部署模式,另一类是云计算服务模式。 云计算部署模式分为三种类型:公共云部署模式、私有云部署模式和混合云部署模式。


在云计算的部署模型中我们介绍了公有云,公有云架构又被进一步分类为云服务最常见的三种模式, 包括: 基础设施即服务IaaS、平台即服务 PaaS、软件即服务SaaS。