Postdoctoral Research Fellow for School of Life Sciences

--South China Agricultural University--

School of Life Sciences of South China Agricultural University
Job Responsibilities and Requirements


1. Possessing a PhD degree soon or already, with a background in genetics, molecular biology, cell biology, bioinformatics or other related research
Salary and treatment: The basic annual salary is 200,000-300,000 yuan (before tax), and "five social insurances and one housing fund" will be paid for postdoctoral fellows with reference to the standards of staff at the same level in the school; the team will re-subsidize on the basis of the school's postdoctoral treatment standards based on personal contributions, The annual salary can reach 250,000-380,000 before tax

Application materials

Applicants are requested to send their resumes to with the subject of name + postdoctoral application. The resume should include basic personal information, education and work experience, brief introduction and achievements of research work, contact information of recommenders, etc.


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